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Deep in Love

There once was a little girl named Nicole. She lived in grade school naive bliss. One year she was set to be a freshman at college. Immediately Nicole noticed that she was definitely the odd one out. Fellow class of 2000' graduates from Nicole's high school generally avoided and shunned her. Unfortunately, the people she was acquainted with were not connected socially for one reason or another. Nicole matched snobby with snobby and ended up in a new setting forced to meet new people. Nicole became friends with her roommate, her hall mates, some of her class mates, and even a professor. The trouble with new friends is that friendship can be superficial, at least at first.

Before college, Nicole had already been taking full advantage of the entertainment available at the very beginning of AOL dial up. I was particularly easy to engage people of random varieties with witty banter. After a few years, Nicole had quite a few contacts that she enjoyed instant messaging.

The second semester of freshman year, Nicole was first instant messaged by a man named Madd. Like all surprises worth the work, we did not immediately know we would grow to be such good friends. For months, he and Nicole spoke more and more and became considerably close. They seemed to debate many topics without always agreeing, but the stimulation of the brain became a turn on. She would get sexually stimulated by his replies and handling of her temperament, a coy and tricky female.

After a while, communication faded. Nicole kept loose track of what Madd was doing while they were not chatting regularly. Nicole saw he had a child and was in a relationship, so she checked him off the list of men I would flirt with. Oh, but Madd looked so deliciously hot that Nicole had to say something before eliminating the flirtatious behavior with him. She popped up with an instant message that told him she enjoying his sexy face. Almost at the very same moment, Nicole received a pop up with a similar greeting. She sat back, shocked, heart racing.

Madd and Nicole chatter on the instant message for some time and tried to catch up as much as possible. Ten years of being friends online leaves a lot to talk about.

Nicole began to imagine what Madd would feel like pressed against her, leaving no where to go but where he allowed.

And she shakes the beginning of a fantasy that will have to be continued later. Nicole misses her boyfriend, Madd, and is having trouble ignoring her deep desire for him.