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When I first joined Livejournal so many years ago, I would never have seen my life going the direction that it has. I should say I never would have expected to have the triumphs and tribulations that have cursed and blessed my adult life. I spend a lot of time writing in catharsis when something is wrong. I want to document what is going well.

On March 13, 2011, Madd Martin L. Kroeger proposed to me. I visited him in Des Moines for spring break. I immediately said 'of course' when he asked. It is overwhelming to be asked to spend the rest of my years at the side of this man. I get confused when I think about someone loving me enough to want to be with me and care for me. I am highly independent and being in love is changing me. I am still independent but when I share time with my fiance, I feel so elated. He and I can just be watching a tv show and I get a sense of overwhelming want. I want Madd in so many ways. If it were only physical, I wouldn't be writing about him, thinking about him, being in total love with him. When he and I first started speaking over AIM, his mind ensnared me. We did a lot of heated debating but the challenge kept me interested. He still challenges my brain and he still turns me on with words alone. I went to kereoke bars with him and he is an amazing singer. I just wanna frickin' melt when I hear his voice and see him emerced in the song. I have always had a thing for musically inclined people. *grrr* If he didn't ask me to marry him, I would be hoping he does. I am so glad he and I know what we want and are jumping in. We have both been through enough crap to recognize what is good and what is worth keeping.

Oh wow... I am at IHOP and my favorite song from 7th grade is playing. Crystal Waters "100% Pure Love." Something a little strange about hearing the lyrics as an adult. "I'll be your wish. I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your favorite dish." LOL!! I am sitting her cracking up.